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About Me

Hello, and welcome to this page about me (Leonard), you will find some information about me as a person.

I was born 10th April 1993, and i produce mainly Handsup and Nightcore orientated music, with software called "Fl studio".

My producers name is "Elektonix" it has been this since 2006, and I'm still rolling pretty well, beforehand i changed my producers name a lot, but when i figured out that if you stay long with 1 alias, you will get "known" easier i kept Elektonix.

Before i started producing Handsup, i was really into Hardstyle, i still like the genre as music to listen to, but its not really my type of music to create.

when i switched over to trance, producing my tracks went a lot better, over the years my style of producing slowly bend away from trance, and more into the Dance/Handsup scene, which is no problem for me at all, cause i really love it!

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