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Using the Box.net Widget you can download all my tracks, browse through em in this window and then as soon as you have the correct one selected go to the arrow in the top right to download the track.

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Track downloads are also available on my SoundCloud or Bandcamp account for the individual tracks.

Album Downloads

Elektonix Remix Essentials
Download link (Mediafire)

Yes, it has finally arrived, after a long summer and autumn of work i can finally release my album to the crowd!
The album features my best remixes made and also includes a 2012 version of these remixes.
In addition to that there are a few newly made remixes added to the album.

The album is completely free for download, this is the official place where you can get it, redistributing the album is only allowed if you keep the contents of the files intact (no adding or removing stuff) and if there is a link back to my website!

Tracks featured in this album (no particular order):
1. Alice Deejay - Better off Alone (Elektonix 2012 Remix)
2. Alice Deejay - Better off Alone (Elektonix Handsup Remix)
3. Barthezz - On The Move (Elektonix 2012 Remix)
4. Barthezz - On the Move (Elektonix Handsup Remix)
5. Cash Cash - Reach for the Stars (Elektonix Remix)
6. Clayface - Beyond Compulsion (Elektonix Remix)
7. Clayfacer - Beyond Compulsion (Elektonix 2012 Remix)
8. Ekowraith - Booming Track (Elektonix Remix)
9. Elektonix - Ieva's Polka (2012 Refix)
10. Elektonix - Ieva's Polka
11. Elektonix - Touhou Youkai Komachi Remix
12. Marc Aurel - Sound of Love (Elektonix Remix)

Also special thanks to Matt T. for making the cover image for this album!

Bundle Downloads

Here you will find rar files, which usually contain 2-3 tracks which are 'bundled' together, usually these are permanent uploads like the tracks, but sometimes its limited.

Elektonix Remix Bundle
-Barthezz - On the Move (Elektonix Handsup Remix)
-Alice Deejay - Better off Alone (Elektonix Handsup Remix)

Download:[Original artist (Barthezz) requested removal of this remix]
Download Alice Deejay Remix Here:Box.net Link

Elektonix - A Merry Christmas [Limited Edition]
-Elektonix - Last Christmas
-Elektonix - Leva's Polka

Download: [This bundle is not available for download anymore]

Elektonix - The World is Mine [Remix Bundle]
-Original Mix
-2010 Mix

Download: Box.Net Link